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November 2023

  1. Dr. Meena, O.P., Dr. Umesh Meena, Dr. Gautam Kumar Bunkar, Dr. Sanjeev Goyal, Dr. Ajay Singh, Dr. Shekhar Gurjar and Dr. Kanhaiya Lal Sharma

    Background: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) encompasses a spectrum of pathophysiologic processes associated with abnormal kidney function. The risk of worsening CKD is related with the GFR and the amount of albuminuria. Acid-base and electrolyte homeostasis is vital for proper functioning of numerous metabolic processes and organ functions and kidneys play a critical role in the maintenance and regulation of this homeostasis. Kidney diseases and dysfunction (chronic kidney disease, CKD) results in alterations of electrolyte and acid-base balances. Therefore, we aimed to assessment of Acid Base and Electrolyte Status in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease for an early detection of CKD and to identify the factors associated with it. Methods: A Prospective observational study was conducted from Aug 2022 to July 2023 among all CKD patient of different stages and different etiology admitted in medicine and nephrology department of MBGH and associated hospital of R.N.T. Medical college Udaipur, Rajasthan. For albuminuria urine ACR was used. For acid base status (H+,PH, HCO) arterial blood gas analysis (ABG) was done as per standard protocol. Venous samples were taken for analysis of H, PH, HCO3 Na, K, CI. Ca, Mg, and Phosphorus. Urine sample sent for urinary cast and complete urine analysis. All data statistically analysed by SPSS version 17. P value <0.05 were considered as statistically significant. Results: This study found acidosis in 76.7% patients, in which Maximum 48.2% belongs to stage G5 followed by stage 4,stage G3b, 12.5% in each, 3.5% belongs to stage G3a. In acidosis Hypertension and diabetes was most responsible factor in 28 patient either independent or with combined effect. 5.3% were due to obstructive uropathy, 3.5% each were due to autoimmune and PCKD. Infectious cause were also associated with 3.5%. Hyperkalemia was found in 37.5% while 5.3% were hypokalemic. In hyperkalemia group maximum 25% patient was in stage G5 followed by G4(5.3%), G3B (5.3) in equal then in stage G3a(1.7%). In hypokalemia 3.5% belongs to stage G3b and 1.7% in stage G3a. in study hyponatremia was found in 19.4% patient and hypernatremia in 5.3%. Hypermagnesemia found in 25% patients and hypomagnesaemia in 5.3%. Conclusions: It is imperative to monitor hypertension, metabolic disorders (DM,etc.) and serum electrolytes concentration in renal dysfunction patients to slow the progression of CKD to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and other serious complications because maximum patient in our study were in stage G5 and mostly caused by either hypertension or diabetes or both. Metabolic acidosis, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia, hypomagnesemia, hyperchloremia, hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia were the most common electrolytes imbalance in CKD.

  2. Shewa Getachew, Sisay Shewamare, Tasisa Diriba and Getahun Berhanu

    In this paper, we investigated how local field enhancement (LFE) and induced optical bistability (IOB) of cylindrical core-shell nanoparticle composites (NPCs) with passive and active dielectric cores were affected by the metal fraction (p), and dielectric constant of host matrix. We have determined the expressions of the electric potentials for cylindrical core-shell NPCs by solving Laplace’s equations in the quasi-static limit. The equation of IOB was derived from the equation of local field enhancement factor (LFEF) by incorporating Drude-Sommerfeld model into the expressions. The host dielectric and the dielectric of the core are interfaced with the metal shell. The LFEF significantly rises at two resonant frequencies with increasing p and dielectric constant in both passive and active dielectric core. The findings reveal that S-like peaks of IOB are created in both passive and active dielectric cores of cylindrical NPCs, no matter how p, and dielectric constant change or remain constant. In NPCs, both in passive and active dielectric cores, an increase in any of these parameters results in switching-up and switching-down threshold points where optical bistability (OB) resonances prevail. Within passive and active dielectric cores, increasing p shows the incident field required at each switching-up threshold point also increases and the bistable region produced gets wider. Additionally, it was found that the bistable area of the IOB in active dielectric cores of cylindrical core-shell NPCs is reduced when the host dielectric constant increases.

  3. Rimjhim Dutta

    Paper presents the working experience of the author with vulnerable children in Stand and Stride (SnS) Foundation, a voluntary organization working with Vulnerable Children for their better education and other health-hygiene awareness programs in Dwarka City, Delhi. Besides other activities- free book distribution to girls and environmental awareness programme etc. are the major work of foundation.

  4. AL Shaia, Samah Abdullah, AL Otaibi, Mansour Bakhet, AL Otaibi, Ashwag Turki, AL Numani, Nouf Abdullah, AL Harbi, Safaa Ali and AL Masoud, Ashwaq Saleh

    The article critically evaluates the imperative role and current quality of nursing care within radiology departments, emphasizing the urgent need for quality enhancement initiatives aimed at optimizing patient care and satisfaction levels. Presently, nursing care in radiology faces challenges such as inadequate staffing levels, insufficient training programs, and prevailing communication barriers—all adversely affecting service quality. The paper robustly advocates for the implementation of improvement strategies, including the introduction of continuous training initiatives, enhancement of communication protocols, and reinforcement of staffing, to address and mitigate these challenges effectively. It also brings to the forefront inspiring success stories and best practices adopted by certain radiology departments that have successfully maneuvered their way through these challenges, offering invaluable lessons for other healthcare institutions. The article further explores and delineates the emerging trends and innovative technologies that are set to shape the future of nursing services in the field of radiology, highlighting the indispensable need for ongoing assessments and quality improvement endeavors to keep pace with the dynamic healthcare landscape. Through a comprehensive lens, the article encourages healthcare professionals to actively invest in initiatives aimed at bolstering nursing service quality in radiology departments, thereby facilitating enhanced patient care and overall healthcare delivery.

  5. Helen Onoja, Austin E. Abah and Ruth O. Soberekon

    Background: Malaria, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are some of the infectious diseases with great public health importance. This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of malaria-HBV co-infection among HIV subjects in a tertiary hospital in Rivers State. Method: Blood samples were collected from HIV positive subjects and examined for Plasmodium parasite and HBV using standard laboratory procedures. Result: The results obtained showed that out of the 200 samples examined for both malaria and hepatitis B virus (HBV), 61.5% were tested positive for plasmodium infection while 7% were positive to HBV. Males, 71(70.30%) recorded a significantly higher infection than females, 52(52.52%) in malaria (p<0.05). in HBV, males 11(10.89%) also recorded a significantly higher prevalence than the females 3(3.03%) (p<0.05). Age-wise, those >30yrs (62.28%) had the highest prevalence in malaria than those <20yrs (42.86%) and within 20-30yrs (62.03%) (p>0.05). Co-infection was recorded in 7% of the cases, with males 11(10.89%) recording a higher prevalence than females, 3(3.03%) (p<0.05). Result revealed the presence of malaria, HBV and a combination of both in HIV subjects. Conclusion: This suggests the need for active surveillance and implementation of preventive measures against infections among immunocompromised individuals.

  6. Kartick Mondal, Dr. Anamol Kumar Lal and Dr. Umashankar Singh

    Ghoramara Island is a small island located in the Sundarbans Delta in the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of West Bengal, India. The island has a total area of approximately 2.88 square kilometers. However, due to the impact of climate change, the island is gradually shrinking in size as a result of erosion and rising sea levels. In fact, it is estimated that the island has lost approximately 75% of its landmass over the past few decades. This paper is an attempt to study how the impact of climate change effected livelihoods and areal changes of the Island. Some statistical tools have been utilised during the study like regression analysis and coefficient of variance (R2). It has been shown that over the time the island is shrinking continuously and the result is shocking.

  7. Dr. Swarna Priya, B., Dr. Chaitanya Devulapalli, Dr. Yugapriya, M., Dr. Tharun Kanduri, Dr. Heeba Begum, J. and Dr. Debraj Mukhopadhyay

    Background: Self-medication practice is the use of OTC medications for self-treatment without prior consultation with registered medical practitioner. Travel restrictions, fear of getting contacted with virus and increased influence of social media has led to an increase in self-medication practices among general public. These practices can be associated with serious ADRs with lifelong consequences. Objectives: To assess the most prominent ailment for which self-medication has been practiced and to assess the various resources and reasons observed in self-medication practices. Methods and Material: The prospective, cross-sectional study is based on web-based survey was conducted from June 2021-December 2021. A self-administered questionnaire was developed, validated and distributed using google forms through social media networks. Chi square test for significance was used to find the association between the variables. Results: A total of 309 participants completed the questionnaire. Out of them 54.4% were female and 45.6% were male, 65.8% were unemployed and 34.2% were employed. Of all 64.2% were students, 30% were working professionals and 5.5% were households. Most of the participants i.e., 47% were found to self-medicate at times during severe conditions. The most frequent medical condition that led to self-medicate was cold/cough(66%) followed by fever(64%) and aches(49.5%). Socio demographic variables like age group between 18-30, χ2(9,N+309)=110.2,P<0.0001, unemployed participants χ2(6,N=309)=110.2,P<0.001, and rural residence χ2(6,N=309)=104.04,P=<0.001 were found to be associated with self-medication practice. Conclusions: Self-medication practicesarepsychologically influenced by trust, circumstances, frustration plays a vital role in making the suggestions beneficial. Self-medication practices were more prevalent in the rural community.

  8. MAKOUNDOU Alaric, ONGOUYA MOUEKOUBA Dalcantara Liana and ETOU OSSIBI Grace Jokael

    Rice productivity is low in Congo. The objective was to study the effect of a growth stimulant when sowing the Nerica 6 variety, their influence on yield and product quality. The emistime was used as a growth regulator during the development cycle with different doses (10 ml/t, 30ml/t, 1ml/ha, 5ml/ha). The control seeds were soaked in water, the treatments were repeated three times. The application of an active physiological substance was evaluated on the growth parameters of the plants, the results show that in an emistime contribution of 10 ml/t favors the intense growth of the stems. Plant growth regulator treatments promote an increase in chlorophyll content and an increase in the number of ears.

  9. Praveen Ojha

    Present communication reveals that the phytoplanktonic energy is fixed and energy transformation by phytoplankton in Barnoo reservoir ranges in different season. The phytoplanktonic gross energy transformations were ranges between 27987 to 34232.5 Cal m-2 day-1 and net energy fixation were ranges between 1473.6– 30380.6 Cal m-2 d-1. The fish production potential were estimated on the basis of 0.2% , 0.4%, and 1% of the net production energy and were in the range of 208 - 254.48 kg h-1 yr-1; 416 – 508.96 kg ha-1 yr-1, 1040 – 1272.4 kg h-1 yr-1 respectively. It means that the small reservoirs provide better scope for fisheries management and stock enhancement.

  10. Bereslavskii, E. N.

    Within the framework of the theory of plane steady filtration of an incompressible fluid accordingto Darcy’s law, two limiting schemes modeling the filtration flows under the Joukowski tongue through a soil massive spread over an impermeable foundation or strongly permeable confined water bearing horizon are considered.

  11. Dr. Mushtaq Chalkoo, Dr. Mehraj-Ud-Din Ganaie, Dr. Fatima Farooq, Dr. Sajad Nazir Malla, Dr. Gulam Nabi Guroo and Dr. Suryavel S

    Totally extra peritoneal Rives- Stoppa (ETEP-RS) is one of the minimal access techniques of retromuscular mesh repair for ventral hernias. It provides a panoramic view of the whole extra abdominal cavity and is a novel surgical technique for treating complex ventral hernias. We practised this technique on a study sample of 25 patients from November 2020 –November 2022 for a period of 2 years. The analysis of the data collected on these patients showed satisfactory results. We concluded that ETEP-RS is the safe, cheap and a reproducible technique for handling complex ventral hernias.

  12. GONDO Bleu Gildas

    Dans cet article, la « directionnalité dans la dérivation verbale en dan de l'Est » est examinée. Cette analyse identifie trois types de dérivation verbale : la dérivation bidirectionnelle, la dérivation à gauche et à droite. Les préverbes et les préfixes sont utilisés pour garantir la dérivation à gauche, tandis que les suffixes sont utilisés uniquement pour garantir la dérivation à droite. En conséquence, la dérivation bidirectionnelle utilise des prépositions en suffixe et des préverbes en préfixe. Sur le terrain,la méthodologie utilisée est centrée à la fois sur un enregistrement écologique et non écologique pour atteindre un tel résultat. Deux groupes de personnes étaient pris en compte dans le recueil d'informations : ceux qui étaient scolarisés et ceux qui n'étaient pas scolarisés. Le but de ce travail est de mettre l'accent sur le processus d'enrichissement du lexique verbal du dan, en particulier celui du dan de l'est.

  13. Tang Ying

    This study aimed to determine the teaching strategies of Physical Education.It focused on teaching strategies, including safety, wellness integration, connection, participation, and promoting healthy lifestyle. The strategies, techniques, or other processes that a teacher uses when instructing a class are considered effective teaching instruction. Teachers use these strategies as a means of guiding their instruction to satisfy standards and address the learning requirements of their pupils. In this study, teaching strategies play an important role in classroom instruction, especially in dealing with students with special needs. Without the use of a strategy, teachers would be aimlessly projecting information that doesnot connect with learners or engage them.Strategies help learners participate, connect, and add excitement to the content being delivered. As students become familiar with the various strategies teachers use, some can even apply those strategies independently as they learn new material. The result implies that the observation and assessment of teachers and parents with regards to the teaching strategies of teachers in teaching Adapted Physical Education is actually the same. The findings suggest that the adapted physical education teachers employ some successful teaching techniques, such as building rapport and working with the faculty to support special needs students' efforts to lead healthy lifestyles and pursue general education, as well as including both regular students and students with special needs in a variety of activities.

  14. Siwei Wang, Wenqing Liu, Pamela Mantuhac and Ning An

    This study investigated the status of digital empowerment for elderly education in Online Learning communities of Guangdong University for the Elderly. Through data collection from the communities, it analyzed the pain points and challenges of digital empowerment for elderly education. The study placed the learning needs of the elderly at the forefront and conducts extensive interviews with the elderly to identify their requirements for digital empowerment in elderly education. It also revealed the shortcomings and issues that exist in the digital empowerment of elderly education in Guangdong and provide recommendations for improving Online Learning communities of Guangdong University for the Elderly to enhance its digital empowerment for elderly education.

  15. Sylvia Oliech and Thomas Njoroge Kinga

    Despite the critical role played by counsellor supervision in the counsellors’ professional and personal growth of counsellors many studies report low utilization of supervision services. The low rate of utilizing supervision services is likely to affect the quality of counselling services especially in Kenya. Several studies have attempted to determine the cause of low utilization of counsellor supervision. This study sought to determine how counsellor- supervisor is related to utilization of counsellor supervision services. The study employed a correlational research design. The target population was 2561 counselling professionals registered with the Kenya Psychologist and Counsellors Association. Multistage sampling including stratified, proportionate and simple random sampling was used to obtain a sample of 139 counsellors and 55 counsellor supervisors who took part in the study. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to analyze the data. The findings indicated that there was a statistically significant positive relationship between counselor-supervisor relationship and utilization of counselor supervision. It recommended that professional bodies should offer counsellor supervision services as part of the professional development programs for counsellors. As well counsellor supervisors should be trained on the skills to nurture and maintain a professional relationship with their supervisees as a step towards enhancing the utilization of counsellor supervision services.

  16. Dr. Srikanth, V., B.A.M.S. and Dr. Sreehari, K. M.D.

    Now a days due to consumption of improper diet, sedentary life style, and environmental factors various metabolic disorders are arising. Medoroga is one such disease mentioned in classical texts. Medo roga is a condition in which due to various etiological factors there is an excessive increase in the medodhatu and decrease in Medodhatvagni. Consequently the other body tissues do not get properly nourished because of the channels being blocked with medas. Dyslipidemia is a condition which shares a lot of similarities with Medoroga. Dyslipidemia is a disorder characterized by abnormally high concentrations of total Cholesterol, VLDL,LDL, triglycerides and decreased concentration of HDL in the blood caused by abnormal lipoprotein metabolism and has risk of producing various complications like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis etc. Alarmingly the prevalence of dyslipidemia defined according to NCEP (National Cholesterol Education Programme Guidelines) in Indians is very high with 79% of subjects having atleast one lipid abnormality, with decreased high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) levels in 72.3% subjects, hypertriglyceridemia in 29.5% subjects and elevated low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels in 11.8% of subjects1.Hence management of dyslipidemia is necessary. Agni is responsible for various metabolic activities and Medoroga is mainly imbalance of agni. Vadavanalarasa is mentioned in the management of medoroga. Probably Vadavanalaras can correct the Agni at dhatu levels thus breaking the samprapthi of medo roga. As the ingredients of this aushada has mainly laghu, ruksha, teeksna etc properties, these may help in correcting the Dyslipidemia.

  17. Mungadi, H.U., Shuaibu A.B, Garba, S., Shehu, Z., Sani, A.A. and Raji, A.A.

    Three thirteen-day-old broiler chicks were presented at the Avian Clinic of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sokoto, with complaints of diarrhea and mortality observed in the flock four days prior to presentation. Upon physical examination, evidence of diarrhea was found. During flock visitation, further physical examination revealed dullness, huddling, and yellowish diarrhea, and five carcasses were discovered. Cloacal swabs were collected and submitted to the veterinary microbiology laboratory for bacterial culture, identification, and antibiotic sensitivity testing. Post-mortem examination was carried out on the carcasses, revealing lesions suggestive of Salmonella infection. Salmonella was isolated, and it exhibited resistance to all antibiotics used in the sensitivity test, including Augmentin, Gentamicin, Cotrimoxazole, Tetracycline, Cloxacillin, Erythromycin, Chloramphenicol, and Streptomycin.

  18. Dr. Nidhi Kaushal, Dr. Surinder Kaur, Dr. Haridarshan Singh Sidhu and Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Tiwana

    Introduction: Dental avulsion is a serious dental injury which leads to complete displacement of the tooth out of the socket. Reimplantation is the most common and standard treatment for avulsed teeth. The success of the treatment depends upon the status of periodontium, including other factors such as extra-oral dry time, storage media and contamination. Delay in the replantation of avulsed teeth can increase the risk of ankylosis and resorption. Case presentation: This case report presented a 15-year-old boy with avulsion of 3 permanent teeth to a 1-year-follow up after the replantation of avulsed both maxillary central incisors and left lateral incisor with extra-oral dry time of more than 60 minutes. The avulsed teeth were managed throughout as per treatment guidelines. The teeth were replanted and splinted for four weeks. Two months after the replantation, there were signs of replacement root resorption in the replanted teeth. Conclusion: The treatment plan followed in this case has the advantage of maintaining the patient’s esthetic appearance and function. On 1 year follow-up clinical and radiographic examination, the replanted teeth were showing signs of resorption.

  19. Qiu Xiaolei

    This paper aimed to explore an experimental analysis and research on the practices and application effect of the conventional multi-ball exercise method and the combined multi-ball exercise method in the college tennis special teaching in Huaibei Normal University during the second semester of school year 2022–2023. Forty boys under the tennis special classes were selected as the respondents of the study, with 20 each for the control and experimental groups. The special training program ran for eight weeks at 90 minutes per session twice a week. the researcher gathered the data through video recording, observations and note-taking. In terms of physical fitness, both combination technique multi-ball training and traditional single technique multi-ball training can improve students' physical fitness, but the combination technique multi-ball training has a more significant effect on improving students' physical fitness. In terms of technology, combination technique multi-ball training can effectively improve the forehand, backhand, and volley skills of tennis majors. The results indicate that using combination techniques and multi-ball training in college tennis elective teaching can improve students' individual skill levels. In terms of the standardization of technical movements, both traditional multi-ball training and combination technique multi-ball training can effectively improve the standardization of individual technical movements in tennis, but the combination technique multi-ball training has a more significant effect on improving the standardization of individual technical movements.

  20. Flores-Encarnación, M., Aguilar-Gutiérrez G.R., Cabrera-Maldonado C., Ocaña-Lozano D. and García-García S.C.

    Bacteria produce different virulence factors through which they are capable of causing damage to the cells or tissues of the organism they infect. Among the virulence factors we can mention: the production of capsules, flagella, the synthesis of exopolysaccharides, the production of fimbriae, the formation of biofilm, the production of toxins. In this sense, toxins play a very important role in bacterial pathogenesis. For this reason, the toxins of Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Mycobacterium tuberculosis have been studied. In exotoxins, the largest class is the so-called pore-forming toxins, which function by perforating the membranes of the host cells. However, in recent years the use of pore-forming toxins in cancer therapy has been proposed. This work presents the biological potential of pore-forming toxins.

  21. Dr. Pravin Chandra, K.R., Dr. Akash Kumar and Dr. Chenchulakshmi Vasudevan

    Introduction: Cardiovascular disease is the commonest cause of sudden death and its risk is increasing world over. There are several cardiac risk analysis scores and calculators such as the Framingham Risk score- coronary heart disease (FRS-CHD), Framingham Risk Score- Cardiovascular Disease Risk, (FRS-CVD), Joint British Society risk calculator 3 (JBS3), American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association and others but there are no studies to determine which is best for our population. Hence this study aims to compare 3 of the most established calculators and look for applicability to our settings in south India. Materials: A cross-sectional study was done using, The Framingham heart study calculator, QRISK®3-2018 cardiovascular disease risk calculator and the Mayo clinic heart disease risk calculator which were used to evaluate the risks in the study population and then compared. Results: Both QRISK and Framingham calculators taken together give a reliability coefficient of Cronbach’s Alpha = 9.55 that is a 96% reliability hence either can be suggested for use in practice. However, the Framingham can give the risk using just anthropometry, or lipid profile which give different values each and can be a reason for minimal variation. But as the Framingham can give the risk using just anthropometry, or just by using lipid profile this is helpful to reduce the numbers of tests being done and also help quicker analysis. Conclusion: The estimation of the cardiac risk using either the QRISK3 or Framingham calculators must become standard procedure in hospital records, since they are applicable to the south Indian population, as seen in our study. Regular screening and increasing the awareness in imperative as only then can modifiable risk factors be used to try and reduce the risk of a cardiac event. The main motto of such a study was to improve community health care.

  22. Faraz Ali and Sharmin Khan

    The most valuable and widely available resource on the planet Earth is water. However, fresh water, which is required for drinking, irrigation, and other uses, is extremely limited and is running out very quickly. Given the importance of this resource, its effective management and conservation are of utmost importance because its disappearance could have disastrous effects.This paperaims to understand the current issues and challenges related to water management in India, with the help of available literature. The paper identifies water availability and accountability, demand and supply, infrastructure management, fast rate of ground water deterioration, unforeseen droughts and floods, waste water management, the growth in urbanization, poor sanitation, and pollution as some of the major issues related to water management in India. The major challenges related to water management in India have been identified as conservation strategic planning, availability of scientific database and estimates of consumption, emphasis on rainwater harvesting systems, and lack of regulatory frameworks etc. The paper also presents a brief of possible solutions, for enhancing the management of water resources in India.

  23. Yuan Xiaowei

    The integration of the teaching-learning-assessment concept was applied to current middle school English reading class, which has played an important role in achieving teachers' teaching goals and students' learning goals. This thesis took English reading teaching in junior middle school as an example to analyze how to organize and analyze English reading classroom teaching under the integrated teaching-learning-assessment concept. The purpose of this thesis was to varify teaching methods and continuously improve the classroom teaching quality.

  24. Flores-Encarnación, M., Cabrera-Maldonado, C., Hernández-Hernández, F.C., Aguilar-Gutiérrez, G.R. and Xicohtencatl-Cortes, J.

    As is known, antibiotic resistance is a serious public health problem in the world. More and more types of bacteria are appearing that are more resistant to antibiotics. For it, different substances are being investigated that could be used as antibiotics in the future. Such is the case of essential oils, which have shown important antimicrobial properties. This work presents the action of different essential oils on the growth of uropathogenic E. coli and the impact on the respiratory activity.

  25. Hoang Thi Giang

    The article analyses and clarifies Indonesia’s current recovery measures in the context of the fact that the country has just experienced the dual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current global economic downturn. The article states that, compared to other countries in the region, Indonesia is a country heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, both economically and socially. This has caused the Indonesian government to actively seek solutions to bring this island country out of the risk of recession.

  26. Dr. Megha Rastogi and Dr. Urvashi

    Enteric fever, commonly referred to as Typhoid fever, remains a significant global health concern, particularly in regions like India. This study aimed to comprehensively investigate the occurrence of enteric fever linked to Salmonella enterica and evaluate its susceptibility to crucial therapeutic antimicrobial agents. A laboratory-based cross-sectional approach was employed, analyzing blood culture samples collected at Healthians Labs Gurugram, India, from March 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023. Out of 2,714 samples tested using the Bactec FX 40 system for aerobic blood culture, 145 (5.34%) were positive for typhoidal salmonellae. Predominantly, S. Typhi (99, 68%) was identified, followed by S. Paratyphi A (46, 33%). Notably, both S. Typhi and S. Paratyphi A infections exhibited higher prevalence among males and within the 0-20 years age group. The peak incidence was observed between June and September, with the highest number of cases reported in September. Remarkably, cefotaxime and azithromycin demonstrated the highest sensitivity against S. Typhi, with a 100% efficacy rate, followed by cefepime and chloramphenicol (99%), and ampicillin (97%). For S. Paratyphi A, ampicillin, cefepime, cefotaxime, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, and chloramphenicol all exhibited 100% effectiveness as antibiotics. These findings highlight the persistent public health significance of enteric fever and underscores the importance of continuous surveillance and the adaptation of treatment approaches in the face of evolving antibiotic resistance patterns within Salmonella strains.

  27. Dr. B N Mohan Kumar, Pooja C. and Nelapati Sumanth

    Throughout recent many years, the auto business has forcefully explored ways of taking advantage of present day processing and electronic advances in the improvement of security, unwavering quality and diversion advancements for vehicles. The framework is created to relieve driving interruptions and permit drivers to zero in on their essential errand of driving. The interruption killed with the improvement of this item is the manual change of windshield wipers while driving in precipitation. The few moments that a driver takes their consideration off the street to change a handle while driving in unfortunate weather patterns might actually prompt auto collisions. The point of this task is to assist with lessening mishaps that occur because of the driver proposing to clean the windscreen when downpour is falling accordingly taking the consideration of the driver off the street when the individual is turning here and there the wiper. In blustery days we experience the ill effects of demonstration of sprinkling of water on front glass of our wheeler. While driving vehicle, driver can't see on street vehicles. Thus, he has a go at working wiper on glass, for that he ought to frequently turn on for working wiper and in view of this it could cause vehicle mishap. Assuming that we apply any sort of sensor on glass which detects the demonstration of sprinkling water, by robotization the wiper will work consequently. At the point when the water hit the sensor, it will convey message to the framework in this manner moving the wiper engine. When the sensor recognized no water, the wiper will stop. This will lessen the shortcomings which have been expressed at starting. This proposed framework enacts the wiper to work in completely programmed mode, to make a vehicle lavish and to prevent accident.

  28. Rial-Costa, M. and Rial-Costa, S.

    In the last ten years we have seen how in the teaching-learning processes, information and communication technologies (ICT) have taken on special relevance in the classroom. COVID and its consequences, among which the confinement of the entire educational population stood out, served to reinforce the need to make ICT the backbone of these educational processes, without which it would be impossible to guarantee a normality far from face-to-face insofar as to the transmission and teaching exercise. After the fears of new episodes of confinement, some teachers and countries in northern Europe have considered the need to not only reinforce face-to-face education, but also to return to the use of traditional materials and tools based on documents published on paper. This article will analyze how the implementation of technology-based educational methodologies has been carried out. In what we could have gone wrong both teachers and educational authorities and if, the adoption of traditional educational materials, can lead as a consequence, more than an evolution, a regression with what this can entail in the short and medium term both in schoolchildren and in students. graduates who begin a new stage, the labor one.

  29. Aradanas, Kristine Mae, P., Bermudez, Jennifer, Dela Rama, Maria Cassandra Rafaela N., Estoque, Eidrian, Gacutan, Daniela Mae T., Leoncio, Yuval, Makilan, MycaIlla Fearl N. Ortega, Jason Ramil B. Porras, Aaron Benjamin, Quijano, Ezequiel D. and Estrel

    With the freedom of expression individual’s have, it allows the person to express opinions on any social media platforms concerning political, social, cultural, and other present notions. However, when that view contradicts another group or person, the person is vulnerable to what they call cancel culture. Having said that, the researchers conducted a working title which is Canceling the Cancel Culture: Basis for Advocacy Program and conducted a study using Qualitative Descriptive Research Design. Moreover, the researchers conducted a focus group interview with 8 participants coming from the HUMSS strand of Notre Dame of Marbel University-Integrated Basic Education Department Senior High School and purposive sampling is used to select the participants based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Also, the researcher use the Key Informant Interview (KII), as the researchers formulated research questions to be answered by the participants of the study based on the two Statement of the Problems: (1) How do social media users view cancel culture? And (2) How do these views affect the perspective of social media users on cancel culture? After gathering the data, the findings of the study state that social media users see how destructive a cancel culture is as it can lead to negative experiences. Where these views on cancel culture affect the perspectives of social media users, seeing cancel culture can affect social media users' emotions and it lessens social media users' usage as afraid of being mocked, bullied, or social media user. Moreover, the researchers created an advocacy program about canceling the cancel culture where the advocacy program aims to cancel the cancel culture as the themes and codes or results state that cancel culture really needs to be canceled and making the study achieve its new title: Hashtag Activism: Cancel the Cancel Culture Among Social Media Users. In conclusion, social media users may participate in constructive discussion and can demonstrate a sense of commitment to conscientiousness but cancel culture or being ostracized in the virtual world is not justifiable at all. Harming the transgressor or canceling them in any way without being critical and cannot meet the legal process is not an effective but rather a threat.

  30. Dr. Sumeru Singha

    Steroids have very important physiological impact on biological system. β-sitosterol and stigmasterol glucosides isolated from natural sources enjoy immense importance in neat substituted from. This paper reports for the first time the detection and successful isolation of these sterol members in good yield from the medicinally important plant Basella rubra Linn.

  31. Dr. Pinky Bhagat, Dr. Richa Agrawal, Dr. Kapil Choyal and Dr. R.S. Parihar

    Introduction: Pyogenic wound infections are responsible for causing significant morbidity resulting in longer duration of hospital stay and adding to economic burden for patient as well as hospital. The incidence of wound sepsis in India is reported to be 10-33%. Objectives: This study was done to identify bacteriological profile & their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern from various pus sample. Methods: This is retrospective study done in a tertiary care hospital from period of 1/4/22 to 31/3/23. In total 665 pus samples received from OBG and Pediatrics department were processed using standard microbiological methods and antibiotic sensitivity test was done as per CLSI 2022guidelines.Result:Out of 665 samples, 376 were culture positive (56.55%).Amongst them 350(93%) were females and 26(7%) were males. Maximum 42% cases in 21-30 year age group..Post LSCS wound infection cases were 227(60%) followed by puerperal sepsis (11.9%), post hysterectomy wound infection 30(7.97%).Gram positive cocci were predominant than Gram negative bacilli. 125 (33.2%) were CONS, 111(29.5%) were staphylococcus aureus, 57(15%) were Escherichia coli followed by Acinetobactersp 31(8.2%), Klebsiellasp 21(5.5%), Pseudomonas 18(4.7%). Staphylococcus aureus& Enterococcus species were 100% sensitive to linezolid and vancomycin. MRSA isolates were 62.16%. 86% of Escherichia coli were sensitive to gentamicin. Klebsiella pneumonia showed sensitivity to piperacillintazobactum (66.66%) and gentamicin (66.66%). Pseudomonas species & Acinetobacter were sensitive to aminoglycoside 88.88% & 70.96% respectively. Conclusion: Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were the most common causative bacteria isolated in this study with high resistance pattern. Studying the antibiogram of pus isolates in a setup can guide clinician to start appropriate empirical antibiotics and can escalate or deescalate as per culture and sensitivity report.

  32. Dhisha Vasudevan, Nikkila Devi Ravichandran, Priya Raman and Mahalakshmi Sundarapandian

    Ruta graveolens is an herb, which has more medicinal qualities. Ruta came from the Greek word (hrute). This plant is more aromatic and comes under the Rutaceae family. Different varieties of essential oils are extracted from Rue. This plant is also used in the Unani system of medicine. Ruta graveolens has some disadvantages like abortifacient, acro-narcotic poison, an aphrodisiac activity and a few more. Many research works have been done using Ruta graveolens. Insecticide and pesticide properties are also present in Ruta graveolens. Shoots and leaves of Ruta graveolens are used more in medicine.

  33. Dr. Jaisica Singh, Dr. Surinder Kaur, Dr. Haridarshan Singh Sidhu and Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Tiwana

    Background: Changes in primary dentition morphology due to trauma or caries is a commonly encountered problem, and restoration is crucial part from esthetic, functional and psychological aspects. Several treatment modalities such as acrylic resin, composite restoration, strip crowns are available for restoration. Biological restoration is an alternative method for restoration. Objective: The purpose of this in vitro study is to present three different ways to use natural tooth material in an attempt for aesthetic rehabilitation. Methods: Freshly extracted primary teeth were used for this in vitro study. Samples were thoroughly scaled, polished and then stored in distilled water. Sample tooth was then mounted on wax block. Three different types of biological restorations as an alternative to conventional methods were made. Conclusion: Present in vitro study portrays restoration of primary anteriors using biological restoration.


    The agricultural sector occupies a preponderant place in the Nigerien economy. It is dominated by the presence of agricultural operations which carry out several activities. The latter make it possible to guarantee market gardening production by households living along the Telwa valley in the Agadez region of Niger. The socio-economic activities of agricultural households are carried out throughout the year; they are based on market gardening which allows them to earn substantial income. The objective of the study aims to characterize, analyze socio-economic activities and highlight the natural resources available to agricultural households along the Telwa valley. Data was collected using questionnaires and a focus group of 8 to 10 people per village (16 villages) from a sample of 400 agricultural households living along this valley. The analysis of the characteristics of agricultural households was carried out using an ascending hierarchical classification, a principal component analysis and the independence test and made it possible to identify 5 groups of economic activities whose activities of group 1 (49. 25%), the activities of group 2 (41. 50%), the activities of group 3 (8%), the activities of group 4 (1%) and the activities of group 5 in a strong minority with0. 25%.

  35. Ruchita Haldar and Manukonda Suresh Kumar

    The diversity and proliferation of mosquitoes depends on the availability of breeding sites, sources and abiotic factors of the environment. Mosquito species serves as a vector for most of the life threatening diseases like malaria, chikungunya fever, yellow fever, dengue fever, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile virus infection, Zika virus etc. To control the growth of these species many chemical pesticides are used like malathion, phenothrin, pyrethrins and temphos. But these insecticides are now showing less effect on the target species and are also dangerous for the non-target species. Under the Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), alternative strategies for mosquito control were highlighted. The steady use of manmade insecticides is the origin of toxic substance bio magnification in the food chain, development of resistance in vector species and adverse effects on environmental quality and non target organisms including human health. On the contrary phytochemicals are harmless, convenient and cheap, biodegradable and manifest wide range of precise activities against different species mosquitoes. In this review, the present day knowledge onkind of mosquito species, the diseases they transmit as vectors, their life cycle and phytochemical sources have been studied. The mosquito species which are vectors of many diseases have developed resistance capacity against chemical larvicides and are showing less mortality rate. Whereas phytochemicals are a blend of chemical compounds therefore the mosquitoes are more susceptible against them with a very high mortality rate. A comparison between chemical and natural larvicides with respect to susceptibility and resistance for mosquito control have been reviewed.

  36. Sweetline, C.

    Many animals from other orders include the word "shrimp" in their common name even though they are not true shrimps. The phrases "shrimp" and "prawn" are frequently used synonymously in daily speech or to refer to creatures based on size rather than species. According to science, true prawns belong to the suborder Dendrobranchiata, but true shrimps are species found in the infraorder Caridea in the suborder Pleocyemata. Both are members of the Decapoda order. The structure of the gills is the fundamental distinction between prawns and shrimps; shrimps have lamellar gills whereas prawns have branched gills. The main factor in fish rotting throughout its storage time is microorganisms. Despite several references to gilthead sea bream's quality and shelf life in the literature, no statistics are available.

  37. Esmail Alrajhi, AbdulAzizMoukly, Ali Mokeli, Mohammed Mokeli, Alaa Hamzah, Mohammed Motain, Bander Althurwi, Mohammed Dallak, Essam Moukli, Ahmed ALqabi, Wael Mokli, Majed Othybi, KhalawyMoukly, Hussain AL-Khayri, Mohammed shammaky and Hassan I Ozayr, Mow

    Diabetes Mellitus poses a substantial public health challenge in Saudi Arabia due to escalating prevalence. This paper delves into the epidemiological landscape of diabetes mellitus and its linked risk factors within the country. Comprehensive in scope, the study traverses the historical aspects of diabetes in Saudi Arabia, current prevalence rates, prevalent symptoms, underlying causes, risk determinants, and preventive strategies and concludes with a discussion encompassing the present state and forthcoming implications. In a country grappling with the mounting burden of this disease, this research contributes vital insights for health policymakers and practitioners. The historical context elucidates the evolving nature of diabetes in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, examining risk factors, symptoms, and prevention measures sheds light on the multifaceted aspects of this health challenge. Understanding the complexities surrounding diabetes in the Saudi Arabian context is pivotal for developing effective interventions, health education, and healthcare infrastructure improvements. The findings underscore the urgency of sustainable strategies to curb the diabetes epidemic and pave the way for a healthier future.

  38. SANEMBAYE adrien, Ilboudo PAUL, OUEDRAOGO Souleymane, Konfé Amadou and BATHIEBO Dieudonné Joseph

    In this work, we present a two-dimensional numerical study in a square cavity filled with air. The flow of natural convection is laminar in unsteady regime. The two vertical sides are subject to an isothermal temperature difference, while the other two horizontal walls are adiabatic. The objective of our study is to highlight the influence of Rayleigh numbers on the structure of the flow, the temperature distribution in the cavity and on heat transfer. The equations of conservation of mass, momentum and energy were solved by the COMSOL multiphysics computer code. The numerical method used is that of finite elements implemented in the COMSOL calculation code. A validation study in a differentially heated square cavity was carried out in order to compare our results to those of the literature. We studied pure natural convection by varying the Rayleigh number from 1 to 〖10〗^7. Results are presented as isotherms, pressure, streamlines and temperature fields. It emerges from this study that for a Rayleigh number less than 1000, the fluid presents a vertical thermal stratification due to heat transfer only by conduction which does not generate any convective flow. But for Ra greater than 1000, we see distortions due to the influence of the Rayleigh number on natural convection. The fluid is Newtonian for a Prandtl number P_r=0,71.

  39. KASSI Bohoussou Georges, TOURE Mahama, SIMARO Siriki, AHOUTY Ahouty Bernardin, KONE Minayegninrin, KPASSOU AgbohounDidier Serge and SOKOURI Didier Paulin

    Background: Malaria, sometimes called the “King of Diseases” is one of the oldest and most frequently occurring infectious diseases in humans. Findings have shown that in malarious areas of the world, a higher proportion of the population has O-group than other groups. Thus,the ABO blood group systems are very important clinical tools that are usually used in blood transfusion but also their associations with various disease conditions have been widely reported. Here, this study investigated the distribution of these blood group systems and assessed the association of malaria infection with the ABO blood groups among patients in health centers of Jacqueville and Tiassalé, Côte d’Ivoire. Methods: Blood specimens from veinous of 132patients aged between 0-71 years were examined for malaria parasites using thick drop technical. ABO and Rhesus blood group antigens tests were also performed using standard tile protocols. Of all the children admitted into the study, 445 were sick while 285 were apparently healthy. After determinizing Hemoglobin concentration by automated (ALPHATEC SCIENTIFIC® 34) hematology analyzer, ABO bloodgroups and rhesus factor grouping were done by antigen-antibody agglutination test using slide method and commercially available anti-A, anti- B, anti-AB and anti-D monoclonal antibodies. Results: The prevalence of malaria was 52.27 % with 50.10 % and 50.70 % at Jacqueville and Tiassalé respectively. The O-group was be predominant group with 50.82 % at Jacqueville and 46.48 % at Tiassalé and AB-group weakly represented, 3.28 % at Jacqueville and 4.23 %at Tiassalé. Rhesus positive was hugely represented at Jacqueville like Tiassalé with 93.44 % and 94.37 % respectively. The malaria infection was not associated with gender (p = 0.63 at Jacqueville ;p = 0.71 at Tiassalé) but it was associated with ABO blood groups (p = 0.042 ; 95%CI = [1.02-7.02] ; OR = 2.68) with as individuals of O-group appears the risk people who could be exposed over twice more than individuals of other groups. Conclusion: The results suggest that there is not association between malaria infection and gender while there is an association between this infection and ABO group systems and O-group individuals are more are more susceptible to malaria infection compared to other blood groups.

  40. Yewubdar Shewaye, Shitaye Homa and Alemayehu Zemede

    Ethiopia is the major wheat producer in sub-Saharan African countries and durum wheat is one of the two common wheat species. In Ethiopia, durum wheat production is declining due to different problem such as Lack of widely adaptable, stable, and durable resistant genotypes, Hence, evaluation of genotypes in multi-locations over several cropping season is required. Therefore, the objective of this study was to develop Durum Wheat genotypes that are high yielding, stable, adaptable across years and locations with acceptable industrial quality. 37 genotypes were tested with the two checks at three locations for two cropping seasons with row-column design in two replications. Data were conducted for all traits of interest. The data have been checked for the required assumptions of normality; homogeneity of variance and ANOVA, mean separation, GXE and AMMI analysis have been performed using R-software using different packages. The combined ANOVA shown significant variation among testing environments for all traits of interest (P < 0.01, P < 0.05) except grain filling period. Trait correlation analysis showed positive relationship of grain yield with thousand kernel weight and days to maturity with days to heading at all locations. Among the tested durum wheat genotypes, six genotypes, namely, G29, G37, G31, G19, G15 and G24 were found to be the top high yielding genotypes across all locations as the mean grain yield of tested genotypes showed. The genotypes G29 and G1 were identified as high yielding and stable across all six environments. Therefore, these lines can be included in the national testing program, to be released as a variety and recommending as good parent for crossing.





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