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July 2022

  1. Rafia Rahmani, Shubham Gupta, Divya, Sirajo Musa, Salihu Wadata, Abdullahi Zainab, Sweta Yadav, Shaleena Parween, Shreya Jaiswal, Zainab Umar and Shamima Khatoon

    Background: Stigma are stereotypical views for an individual or groups of people when their behavior are viewed as inferior or inferior to social norms. Stigma most often refers to a group of negative and often inappropriate beliefs that is something about a society or group of people. Objective: Main objective of the study was to find out the association between the stigma and anxiety related to covid -19 vaccination among Nursing students. Methods: A quantitative and descriptive cross sectional was conducted on 100 Nursing students who met the inclusion criteria were included in the study. Non probability, purposive sampling techniques was used for selection of the samples from nursing students of IINS&R. Structured Socio demographic profile, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale and Stigma Assessment was used to assess stigma and anxiety of covid-19 vaccination. Results: Majority of students 60% had mild level of stigma while 33% reported chance of a moderate stigma. It was found in study that majority of students 84% had mild level of anxiety, out of 100 subject 9% had moderate anxiety while 7% chance of low anxiety. Conclusion: The study concluded that, it helps to focus on the importance of life events especially of stigma aspect and anxiety. It helps to reduce individually stigma and anxiety new and challenging situations related covid-19 vaccination.

  2. Charu Kandpal and Vinod Kumar Singh

    Different models for the Hard Sphere equation of states have been utilized to compute the two thermodynamic properties, isothermal compressibility (βT) and the thermal expansion coefficient (αP) . The pure liquids used for investigation are n-hexane, n-heptane, n- dodecane, cyclohexane and toluene. Both the properties have been calculated at varying temperatures (293.15K to 333.15K). The obtained values of isothermal compressibility and thermal expansion coefficient have been compared with the experimentally evaluated values. The results of the calculation are observed to be in satisfactory agreement with experimental findings collected from literature.

  3. Aruna, R., Dinesh Dhamodhar, Prabu, D., Rajmohan, M., Bharathwaj, V.V., Sindhu, R., Sathiyapriya, S. and Vishali, M.

    Background: Nowadays, musculoskeletal ailments are not unusual amongst dentists. Excess body weight and lack of practising ergonomic principles in their practice could also have an additive effect. Aim: This scientific research intends to determine the association between body mass index and ergonomics-related musculoskeletal disorders among privately practising dentists at Saidapet Neighbourhood of Chennai city, Tamilnadu, India. Materials and Method: A cross-sectional study was directed among 117 dental surgeons practising at Saidapetneighbourhood of the Mambalam taluk, Chennai city, Tamil Nadu, India. The multistage cluster sampling technique was employed to designate the study population. The Quetelet index was subsequently used to record each participant's height and body weight. A previously validated (as per the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety- CCOHS) questionnaire consisting of 12 open-ended and closed-ended questions was utilized to obtain information regarding demographics, work information, symptoms, and causes of musculoskeletal pain. Statistical analysis was done using descriptive statistics and the Chi-square significance test. A probability density value ( p-value ) less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: There were positive correlations not only between the body mass index and the number of years of private dental practice (P value < 0.02) but also between the degree of interference of their musculoskeletal pain with their performance at clinics (P value <0.04) and interference of their musculoskeletal pain after work (P value <0.01). Conclusion: Abnormal body mass index was also an additional causative factor for ergonomics associated musculoskeletal disorders. Thus, dentists must abide by the ergonomic principles and the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines while keeping an eye on their body weight and personal health.

  4. Dr. Narendar, K.V.S.

    Tourism worldwide, services as an important employment generator, source of foreign exchange and economic growth. Richly endowed with unique culture, heritage, lively markets, traditional hospitality, India has the tourism product in abundance. The need is to serve it in an attractive manner to the consumer. Tourism industry in any country flourishes on the basis of competitiveness of facilities like infrastructure, accommodation, transport and recreation and that is where the role of various stake holders right from central and state governments to entrepreneurs and society as a whole comes into play. There are many tourism products are attracting the particular tourists to various available resources. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the lion organisation in tourism and travel in the world addressed once new growing tourism products. Medical tourism is new growing types of tourism is attracting many health based tourists. The Indian healthcare market is Rs. 15 billion and growing at over 30% every year. Indian private hospitals are increasingly finding a mention in the travel itineraries of foreigners, with the trend of medical tourism catching up in the country. The Indian healthcare market is Rs. 15 billion and growing at over 30% every year. Indian private hospitals are increasingly finding a mention in the travel itineraries of foreigners, with the trend of medical tourism catching up in the country. Hyderabadis Pearl City and also hub of health tourism in India also in Asia.

  5. Vishal Kumar and Vijaykant Pandey

    Helically coiled heat exchangers are globally used in various industrial applications for their high heat transfer performance and compact size. Nanofluids can provide the excellent thermal performance in helical coil heat exchangers. Research studies on heat transfer enhancement have gained serious momentum during recent years and have been proposed many techniques by different research groups (1). A fluid with higher thermal conductivity has been developed to increase the efficiency of heat exchangers. The dispersion of 1-100nm sized solid nanoparticles in the traditional heat transfer fluids, termed as nanofluids, exhibit substantial higher convective heat transfer than that of traditional heat transfer fluids. Nanofluid is a heat transfer fluid which is the combination of nanoparticles and base fluid that can improve the performance of heat exchanger systems. In this present paper the efforts are made to understand that how to simulate the heat transfer rate in Copper taperedhelically coiled tube heat exchanger using Silicon Di-Oxide and Zinc OxideNano fluid by studying research papers of various authors.

  6. Kusuma Gowdra Rangappa and Ambica Rangaiah

    The carbapenem resistance is gradually increasing particularly among Enterobacteriales isolated from patients admitted to the ICUs. Therefore a simple, convenient and accurate method for early detection of resistant isolates is essential to curtail rapid dissemination among the patients. The present study aimed to perform the newer single step carbapenem inactivation method (ssCIM) for the detection of carbapenemase production in carbepenem resistant Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae and compared with modified CIM (mCIM) and polymerase chain reaction. The ssCIM test was performed according to Jing et al. The mCIM was performed according to CLSI- 2021 guidelines. A total of 160 carbapenem resistant E.coli and K.pneumoniae were tested for carbapenemase production by ssCIM and mCIM. The MIC of imipenem ranges between 4 mg/L and16 mg/L. Out of 160 CREK 86 were E.coli and 74 were K.pneumoniae. Among E.coli 84/86 (97%) and 69/74(93%) K.pneumoniae isolates tested positive for carbapenemase production by mCIM and ssCIM. In total 153/160(95.6%) CREK isolates were positive by phenotypic tests. A total of 152/160 (95%)isolates were positive for the presence of carpenemase genes. The results of ssCIM are in concordance with mCIM including one false positive result. The overall sensitivity and specificity of ssCIM with PCR was 100% and 87.5% respectively. The ssCIM is a less laborious, more convenient, and reliable method for detection of carbapenamase production among carbapenem resistant bacteria.

  7. Gitanjali Devi

    The fruits of Carambola (Averrhoa carambola) are unique tropical fruits that has been used for various ailments .The phytochemical present in carambola has been utilized as herbal medicine for long time. As the plant has many medicinal properties, there is lots of potential for commercial development.

  8. Enose M.W. Simatwa

    Globally, principals of schools play a very important role in enhancing students’ academic achievement. However, in the process of doing this, studies have shown that, principals are faced with a number of challenges resulting in poor performance of students. For instance public secondary schools in Ndhiwa Sub County had not been performing well academically as shown by Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination results between the years 2013 and 2018, compared to the neighboring Sub Counties within Homa Bay County. Average Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination mean scores was 4.7 when compared to other Sub-counties, which were higher; Homa-Bay: 6.0; Suba: 5.0 Rachuonyo North: 5.1; Rachuonyo South: 5.2; Mbita: 5.3. Hitherto the government policy based challenges principals faced relating to their areas of operations were unknown in Ndhiwa Sub County. The objective of the study was therefore to establish government policy based challenges faced by principals in enhancing students’ academic achievement in public secondary schools in Ndhiwa Sub County. Grounded theory was used to guide the study. A conceptual framework based on concept that challenges faced by principals (Independent Variables), must be overcome in order to enhance student academic achievement (Dependent Variables) was used. The study established that Government policy posed a big challenge with an overall mean rating of 3.21. The study recommended that government policy based challenges should be dealt with effectively by the principals and other stakeholders mainly the government in order to enhance student’s academic achievement in schools.

  9. Jared Mwalo Onyango and Enose M.W Simatwa

    Principals of secondary schools play a very important role in enhancing students’ academic achievement. However, in the process of doing this, studies have shown that, principals are faced with a number of challenges resulting in poor performance of students. Public Secondary Schools in Ndhiwa Sub County have not been performing well academically as shown by Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination results between the years 2013 and 2018, compared to the neighboring Sub Counties within Homa Bay County. On the other hand, the average Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education mean scores was 4.7 when compared to other Sub-counties, which are higher; Homa-Bay: 6.0; Suba: 5.0 Rachuonyo North: 5.1; Rachuonyo South: 5.2; Mbita: 5.3. Hitherto the school based challenges principals face relating to their areas of operations were unknown in Ndhiwa Sub County, the knowledge gaps this study sought to fill. The objective of this study was to determine school based challenges faced by principals in enhancing students’ academic achievement in Public Secondary Schools in Ndhiwa Sub County, Kenya. Grounded theory was used to guide the study. A conceptual framework based on concept that c school based challenges faced by principals (Independent Variable), must be overcome in order to enhance student academic achievement (Dependent Variable) was used. The study established that school based challenge posed bigger challenge to the principals in enhancing students’ academic achievement as indicated by the overall mean rating of 3.64. The study recommended that: principals need to be given a lot of training on management of finances to enable them manage the financial resources available in their schools; the stakeholders like the Boards of Management should think of other sources of funds that the schools can engage in to boost the financial resources; the principals and teachers should give priority to developing the attitude of students positively to enhance performance of students in their schools.

  10. Dr. Sohini Banerjee and Dr. Debkamal Kar

    Pyogenic granuloma is a reactive hyperplasia/non- specific conditional gingival over growth. The diagnosis should be made with clinical and histopathological findings. The excision by laser is a successful treatment option for this kind of lesion with no recurrence. This article would highlight the use of diode laser in excision of localized gingival overgrowth turned out to be pyogenic granuloma with no bleeding, no post-operative complications with no recurrence.

  11. Rodríguez Elizalde, Rubén

    The use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), better known as drones, has spread with multiple and very diverse applications in recent years. It includes architectural heritage elements inspections, singular constructions inspections and old structures inspections. This article is based on a detailed inspection over a medieval bridge, which is located next to another 19th century bridge that currently supports road traffic. This inspection had a purely experimental purpose. With its completion and with the information obtained, we will be able to have enough information to assess whether the aircraft can serve as a quality tool for carrying out these works, considering that these works are currently carried out by qualified personnel, requiring transportation and installation of cumbersome auxiliary means and a high economic and time investment, especially in the careful planning of the works. Similarly, there is an emphasis on safety and risk reduction: safety and risk reduction towards the monument to be inspected, and risk reduction for the safety and health of the workers who inspect the monument.

  12. Dr. Abinaya Swaminathan, Dr. Joyson Moses and Dr. Sharanya, R.

    A 9 year old girl reported with Pre-shedding mobility in 84 85. The treatment included the extraction of 84 85 followed by the placement of a Reverse Distal Shoe Space Maintainer for guiding the eruption of the right second premolar in position. 9 months follow up was done which revealed the proper eruption position of the second premolar.

  13. Dr. Manjari Kishore, M.D., D.N.B. and Dr Avinash Kumar, M.S.

    Epidermal inclusion cysts (EIC) are common benign cysts; can be found anywhere in the body. However, EIC of elbow region is rare and it poses a diagnostic challenge clinically due its location and mimicking olecranon bursitis or other lesions at that location. The diagnosis of EIC is confirmed on histopathology with presence of a cyst lined by stratified squamous epithelium and cavity filled with keratin flakes. Here we report a case of epidermal inclusion cyst of right elbow in a 33-year-old male patient.

  14. Docteur BAMBA Seydou

    L’objectif de la recherche est d’identifier d’une part la trajectoire de la délinquance chez des adolescentes à Abidjan, et d’autre part, les types de violence et les motifs les y ayant conduites. Une enquête par entrevue a été menée auprès de 55 jeunes filles de 12 à 18 ans. L’analyse qualitative et quantitative révèle un entrelacement de plusieurs facteurs de risque exposant les jeunes filles enquêtées au passage à l’acte délinquantiel à savoir :la précarité économique des parents, l’absence de contrôle parental, l’appartenance à un groupe de pairs deviants. Les deviances manifestées sont essentiellement le vol, les agressions, les bagarres. Aussi, l’implication dans un groupe de pairs violents permet d’apprécier non seulement des conduites déviantes particulières mais aussi polymorphes.

  15. Nyoman Sri Susilowati, Putu Tuni Cakabawa Landra and Putu Aras Samsithawrati

    This article aims to elaborate on the protection of the rights possessed by an Indonesian woman in relation to her property in a mixed marriage and to analyse the applicability of the postnuptial agreement as already recognized by Indonesian law to an Indonesian woman who performs mixed marriage abroad. This article uses normative legal research along with statute, analytical, and conceptual approaches. The results show that a nuptial agreement is a way to protect the rights possessed by an Indonesian woman in relation to her property in a mixed marriage. In Indonesia, after the issuance of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia's Decision Number 69/PUU-XIII/2015 the nuptial agreement can be made at, before (prenuptial agreement), or during the marriage (postnuptial agreement). For Indonesian citizens, including an Indonesian woman, who perform mixed marriage abroad, based on Article 56 (2) of Indonesian Law Number 1 of 1974 on Marriage, within 1 (one) year after the husband and wife return to the territory of Indonesia, their marriage certificate must be registered at the Marriage Registration Office where they live. Hence, the right to conclude a postnuptial agreement as stated in the Constitutional Court of Indonesia's Decision Number 69/PUU-XIII/2015 is also applicable.

  16. Dr. Sarita Mishra Kolhe

    With the world going through the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the catastrophic effects of the Pandemic on the lives and livelihoods of people are not only disturbing but also devastating. Due to COVID-19, the development and progress of several years and decades have been stalled or have been put in the backseat. In 2021, as the global economy started to rebound, the global output expanded by 5.5%. The United Nations Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides the blueprint that all United Nations (UN) member states have pledged to fulfil. The achievement of this agenda crucially depends on whether humankind will be able to maximize synergies and resolve existing trade-offs between the SDGs. The analysis of future interactions for projected SDG trends until 2030 within and between goals have been analysed by numerous scholars which show how trade-offs and synergies have evolved in the recent past globally. The best practices of turning trade-offs into synergies would require an actionable learning process in the requisite SDGs areas so as to expand the lessons onto other goals with persistent trade-offs. Several researches have shown that for various SDGs interactions, the synergies are diminishing and trade-offs as well as non-associations are increasing. The analysis of the SDGs as a social imaginary have highlighted on the conflict between global and local, between rhetoric and practice, between pragmatism and aspirations, between targets and meaning, between top-down policy discourses and bottom-up initiatives. This paper highlights few significant implications for managers and policymakers alike. The sustainability reporting by leading firms show that they may be making some progress toward the achievement of some of the SDGs. Several researches have shown that many firms are not only narrowly resorting to “cherry-picking” in their reporting, but also they are not engaging with all the SDGs in a systematic manner. There may be some organizational limits that make rigorously designing, implementing, and reporting change across all 17 SDGs difficult to achieve. The necessity for sparking, supporting, and scaling creative collaboration between various entities would go a long way to achieve the 17 SDGs of the UN. To recover from the adverse effects of the pandemic and achieve the Agenda 2030 targets of the UN, there is a need not only for a multi-faceted approach but also for adoption of multi-pronged strategies by various countries. More specifically, concrete and coordinated action is the need of the hour. There is an urgent requirement for mapping of critical pathways to success based on sound research so as to have a whole new set of policies and interventions which are aimed at rendering the achievement of Agenda 2030 of the UN in letter and spirit.

  17. Assuam Mustafa and Nikhat Yasmin Shafeeq

    In today's world of rapid industrialization and increased urbanization, stress is an unavoidable phenomenon in human life. It is a psychological and physical condition that has impact on person's productivity, effectiveness, personal health, and job quality. Present study is an attempt to determine occupational stress among secondary school teachers with respect to gender (Male and Female) and type of school (Government and Private). To carry out present investigation, descriptive survey design and multi-stage random sampling technique were employed to collect a sample of 264 secondary school teachers (136 male and 128 Females) and (144 Government and 120 Private) from various schools of Poonch districts of Jammu and Kashmir (India). Teachers Occupational Stress Scale by Sajid Jamal and Abdul Raheem (2012) was used for the assessment of occupational stress of teachers. Collected data were analyzed by using mean, median, standard deviation and 2×2 factorial design ANOVA. Result shows that gender variation score makes no difference on occupational stress of secondary school teachers, but a significant influence of type of school was found on occupational stress of secondary school teachers. It was also found that there is no significant influence of interaction between gender and type of school on occupational stress of secondary school teachers.

  18. Habtamu Meseret Meri

    The main purpose of this study was to investigate the determinant factors of entrepreneurial intentions of graduating students at Hawassa University and the mediating role of entrepreneurship education. The population for the study was 905 Technology undergraduate students of Hawassa University. The study proposes a research framework of the theory of planned behavior by Ajzen's (1991) to analyze factors influencing entrepreneurial intent among university students. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design. The sample consists of 272 Institute of Technology students who have taken the entrepreneurship course. The students were surveyed by direct contact using questionnaire and a valid questionnaire of 223 students were collected. They were asked to indicate the entrepreneurship learning experiences activities they were participating in/would participate in as part of their curriculum. Data collected were analyzed using PLS-SEM analysis was employed with the help of Smart PLS3.0 software. Results of PLS-SEM showed that all the hypothesized direct and indirect relationships were supported except that entrepreneurial education fails to mediate the relationship between PBC and EI thereby rejecting H7. The findings show that the more entrepreneurial activities students are engaged in, the less the influence of entrepreneurial factors on their entrepreneurial intentions and this significantly increased entrepreneurial intentions of students who prefer career choice as an entrepreneur. It was recommended that Technology undergraduate students should see career options with a balanced view in order to understand their abilities before deciding to venture in any type of business enterprise.

  19. Dr. Ashiyan Irfan, Dr. Rashmi Gujaran, Dr. Swati Daftary and Dr. Hemant Mehta

    Catel Menzke syndrome is a rare congenital bone disorder characterized by clinodactyly and bilateral hyperphalangy of the Index fingerwith Pierre Robin sequence (glossoptosis, micrognathia, and cleft palate). Frequently reported with valvular heart defects like ventricular septal defect (VSD), and Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).(1) This case report reviews major anaesthetic challenges and successful perioperative management of a rare syndromic pediatric patient undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

  20. Dr. Mohammed Hossain, Dr. Suparna Sanyal Mukherjee and Dr. Soumendra Nath Talapatra

    Breast feeding is regarded as the first immunisation of child. It should begin immediately after birth. It provides nutritional, immunological, behavioural, and economic benefits. Although breastfeeding is commonly practiced in India, less children are given breastfeeding within one hour of birth. Despite increased awareness on exclusive breastfeeding the prevalence and duration are still at a low level. The primary objective of the study was to assess infant feeding practices among mothers of Muslim community, the specific objective was to (a) measure proportion of mothers-initiated breastfeeding within first hour of birth of the baby with respect to mothers’ age group, education level, place of delivery and family income and reasons for delay thereof, (b) measure proportion of mothers conducted pre lacteal feed and (c) proportion of mothers-initiated colostrum breastfeeding. A cross-sectional study with the help of self-administered questionnaire on feeding practices was conducted among 540 Muslim mothers having children up to 1 year of age across 6 Muslim dominated areas of Kolkata during the period 1st Nov.2017 to 31st Dec.2018. The study showed that though all children were breastfed (100%), breastfeeding within first hour of birth was given by only 24.81% of mothers which is quite alarming. Among early initiators of breastfeeding, under various categories majority i.e 43.33% consists of mothers in the age of 15-19 years, 48.48% among illiterates, 38.89% among home deliveries and 39.13% among family having income of

  21. Katkam Niharika and Ragavi, M.

    BACKGROUND: “Stress is a response that embodies a range of integrative physiological and behavioral processes that occur when there is a real or perceived threat to homeostasis.” A stressor is a stimulus that causes stress. According to various research findings, medical students tend to perceive stress more than other populations their age. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic may pose a major challenge for medical students' learning and also have a profound effect on their psychological well-being. Furthermore, the relationship between stress, diet, and nutrition is complex, and experimental research varies widely. OBJECTIVE(S): Study objectives include determining the prevalence of stress among medical students during the second wave of COVID-19 and examining its relationship with dietary intake and lifestyle. METHOD: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on 69 undergraduate medical students of JSS Medical College, Mysore during February 2021 to April 2021 using Medical Student Stress Questionnaire (MSSQ) to assess stress levels and a pre-designed semi-structured questionnaire which consists of Socio-Demographic details; Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ); 3 day’s 24-hour dietary recall to know the consumption pattern and average intake of nutrients after taking their informed consent and Institutional Ethical Committee approval. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software. RESULTS: Out of 69 students, 41 are female and 28 are male. MSSQ analysis revealed that the high prevalence of stress is due to academic related stressors (60.5%) followed by group activity related (45.25%), intrapersonal and interpersonal related (41.5%), teaching and learning related (35.5%), social related (33%), and drive & desire related stressors (28.25%). From FFQ and dietary recall analysis, it was observed low energy intake and high-fat consumption was associated with high-stress levels. CONCLUSION: Stress and Diet can be consideredas a two-edged sword that is stress may alter dietary intake and dietary intake may also alter stress levels. In the study conducted, stress appears to alter the overall food intake in different ways and vice-versa, with some consuming fast foods more often and while some skipping the meals, some are under-eating and some are overeating. So identifying the predisposing factors that stimulate stress levels might help in designing specific programs to reduce stress levels atleast to a certain extent.

  22. Vandana Yadav

    Solid waste management is one of the global challenges leading to environmental deterioration. Scientists are concerned about the recycling as well as reuse of Plastic waste. The major concern is to convert Plastic into energy by different methods. The present article reviews the challenges and future opportunities in waste management.

  23. Flores-Encarnación, M., Martínez-Alvarado K., Arellano-López K., Valentín-Aguilar I., Aguilar-Gutiérrez G.R., Cabrera-Maldonado C. and Carreño-López R.

    Antibiotic resistance has been a widespread problem in the world. Today there are many cases of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Similarly, many cases of resistance to antifungal agents have been reported. Alternative strategies are currently being sought to combat fungal infections. One of these strategies is the use of substances obtained from plants, such as essential oils, which have shown important antimicrobial properties.

  24. Shahzadi Malhotra

    Children were out of school and confined to their home since the prolonged school closure was announced in March 2020. While there is some research on the psychological impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on patients and health-care workers, not much is known about the psychological effects on ordinary people, especially children.19 As the pandemic caused huge financial and personal losses to many families, it is important to support children facing bereavement and issues related to parental unemployment or loss of household income. There is also a need to monitor children’s mental health during these stressful times and to study how prolonged school closures, strict social distancing measures, and the reopening of schools after so long has affected the psychological wellbeing of children. In view of the above, the main purpose of this study was to evaluate the psychological effects of prolonged school closure and reopening after so long. The study has shown that there is an increase in behavioural and emotional problems of children due to COVID-19 related prolonged school closure and reopening thereafter.

  25. Dr. Shikha Thakur and Dr. Indu Dhiman

    Background: Canines are considered to be the key teeth for personal identification as it exhibits greatest sexual dimorphism. The morphometric assesment provides the evidence of sex determination due to dimorphic nature of canine. Objectives: To evaluate the reliablity of canine morphometric analysis in prediction of sexual dimorphism in Himachali population. Methods: Total 70 subjests (35 males and 35 females) were randomly selected and study models were fabricated. The intercanine width and mesiodistal width of canine was measured using digital vernier caliper on the study models of both maxilla and mandible. Sexual dimorphism, Standard and observed canine index was calculated. All the measurements were statistically analysed using student t test. Results: On comparison the mean values were found to be larger in males than females and was statistically significant (p<0.05). Conclusion: The left canine was more dimorphic than the right canine in both maxilla and mandible and mandibular canine index was found to be more reliable than maxillary canine index in prediction of sexual dimorphism The value of the standard canine index was found to be 0.25 in maxilla and 0.28 in mandible in Himachali Population

  26. Hiba Basman Shaker, Saif Ali Raheel and Fatima Rabeea Abd Ali

    Background: Patient who’s health condition is stable but needs to be monitored throughout the day enforced to stay at hospital, which is something uncomfortable and Psychologically annoying, but each day medicine and technology is being developed, so how can we help these patients in making life easier!. Objective: The goal of this project is to invest the internet by using IOT (internet of things)to provide alow-cost device that can monitor patient's vital signs and displaying the results on screen of the device near the patient in his home without the need to go to the hospital and sending real time results of patient health via Wi-Fi module to the “Thinger” platform which can be used by a doctor. Method: Design and development of an integrated device for measuring heart rate, SPO2, temperature and ECG signal using sensors (ECG electrodes are connected to ECG board AD8232, ds18b20 for measuring temperature, MAX30100 sensor for measuring SPO2 and heart rate). The system also has an alarm (LEDs on the “Thinger” platform), this will help the doctor to notify the abnormality in the patient vital signs measurements. The technology we used, which is IOT using ESP8266 Wi-Fi board have many advantages such as inexpensive price and unlimited distance the data can be sent, then the “Thinger” platform that provide so many features for displaying any type of data. Results: The data that was displayed at device’s screen and at IOT platform was an accurate real time data and fast alarm system in which the patient, his family and the doctor can feel safe about patient’s health. Conclusion: In this thesis, we presented the design and development of an integrated device for measuring heart rate, SPO2, temperature and ECG signal using sensors, for monitoring, displaying the results on the screen of the device near the patient in his home without the need to go to the hospitaland sending the results of patient health via Wi-Fi module to the internet cloud platform using IOT which can be used by a doctor. The system also has an alarm system to notify the doctor of the abnormality in the patient vital signs measurements. This device deserves to be known and applicable because of its low cost and its ability to provides easy reached information of patient for easy health care.

  27. Arpit Goel and Amar Verma

    Introduction: Honey dressings are a cost-effective method of wound care as compare to other topical wound care therapies. Aim: to study the healing effect of topical honey in diabetic wound infection. Methods: The study was conducted after getting approval from Protocol Review Committee of Dr RPGMC Tanda and obtaining informed consent. The study was carried out on all patients of both sex in age group of 18 to 60 years.The data were collected based on the above-mentioned assessment tool and also size of the wound was taken on a two weekly interval starting from week 0 and then week-2, 4 and 6. The patients were followed-up on basis of inpatient department and after discharge were followed on OPD visits. They were contacted telephonically at the scheduled time of their OPD visit. Results: Mean age of the patients, mean age of the patients was 56.90±8.71 years. 63% of the patients were males. For 77% of the patients, duration of diabetes was up to 10 years. 77% of the patients were smokers. Dorsal and plantar site of left foot was the most common site of ulcer (37%). Our study observed a significant improvement in wound size in at week-4 (P<0.0001) and week-6 (P<0.0001). Our study observed a significant improvement innecrotic tissue amount at week-4 (P<0.05) and week-6 (P<0.05). Our study observed a significant improvement inexudate amount at week-4 (P<0.05) and week-6 (P<0.05). Conclusion: In conclusion, topical honey was effective in wound healing of diabetic foot in a longer period of time.

  28. Dr. Umakant N. Rabb

    Dhanvantari Nighantu is one of the oldest Ayurvedic lexicon placed between 8th -10th AD. The original name of this lexicon is Drvayavali Samucchaya. This lexicon has seven Vargas(Groups) viz; Guduchadi Varga, Shatapushpadi Varga, Chandanadi Varga, Karaviradi Varga, Amradi Varga, Suvarnadi Varga, and Mishrakadi Varga, and the total numbers of drugs are 527. The materia medica of the drugs can be grouped on the basis of Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaka, and Prabhava. The lexicon starts with salutation to Lord Dhanvantari. The peculiar of this lexicon is the Varga(Group) starts with the name of the first drug e.g, Guduchi as Guduchadi Varga. Acharya Hemadri the commentator of Astangahridaya (One of the great triad text) mentioned this Nighantu(Lexicon) in the name of Dravyavali. The Dravyavali contains only the synonyms of the drugs; later on the properties of the drugs were added in this book. Therefore the Dhanvantari Nighantu is the compiled book. The author of this book is still unknown, but it is claimed that Mahendra Bhogika, son of Krishna Bhogika of Sthaneshwara now a days is called as Thane of Maharasthra India. Ksheeraswami the commentator of the Amarakosha has quoted the Dhanwantari Nighantu. The date of Ksheeraswami is 11th century AD. Hence the Dhanwantari Nighantu can be placed in 10th century AD. The present review work highlight only the medicinal plants and tried to resolve the controversial aspects with their exact botanical sources.

  29. Dr. Pavithra J, Dr. VeeraKumar, Dr. Tharani, Dr. Rupak Kumar Dasarraju, Dr. Karthika B. and Dr. Harika A

    Implant therapy currently promises a good, long-term treatment result without impacting health; however, its success depends on many factors. Titanium isthe most widely used inert bio-material for dental implants due to its excellent mechanical strength and biocompatibility. But in some cases there are reports of problems caused by titanium like corrosion, biofilm formation ,Titanium-induced hypersensitivity which can lead on to implant rejection. To avoid hypersensitive reactions to metallic dental implants, precautionary principles for primary prevention should be established.For medical purposes, it is important to define and discuss the characteristics of metals used in implantable devices and to ensure their biocompatibility.

  30. Dr. Abhijit A Whatkar and Dr. Pinal Miyani

    Acute appendicitis is common surgical disease most common in children and adolescent.Althoughits dominant cause is luminal obstruction and other less common cause includes emotional stress, blunt abdominal trauma. Post surgical acute appendicitis is rare event and cause effect relationship between them is not well established yet.

  31. Ms. Shweta Sawant, Ms. Saly Suseel, Ms. Soniya Susan Varghese and Ms. Jincy Joseph

    Aim: To assess the knowledge and practices regarding biomedical waste management among healthcare professionals. Background: Health care waste is a unique category of waste by the quality of its composition, source of generation, its hazardous nature and the need for appropriate protection during handling, treatment and disposal. Mismanagement of the waste affects not only the generators, operators but also the common people too. Methods: Descriptive study was conducted in different departments of multi specialty hospital. Conclusion: Knowledge level of the samples was good and excellent but some practice levels were not up to the standard. Corrective steps were taken to improve the practices.

  32. Quazi Saleemoddin Habeeboddin

    Fresh fish is very perishable product & is spoiled due to microbial activity as the microorganisms grow they utilize the nutrients and bring about various chemical reaction one of the reason for spoilage is its high protein content many microorganisms can bring its spoilage including aerobic & anaerobic microorganisms in the present study an attempt was made to analyse fish for different aerobic & anaerobic microorganisms it was found all the different types of microorganisms like salmonell spp and vibreo were present in exceeding counts.

  33. Debartha Ghosh, A. Chakraborty, P. Guha and A.K. Mandal

    Hydropriming treatments in freshly harvested mungbean seeds (cv. Sabitri) showed a significant improvement on early seedling growth as measured by root and shoot length of the seedlings than the untreated control. The short duration soaking followed by lightly air-drying treatment (0.5 h to 4 h) along with pre-conditioning treatments viz. moist sand conditioning for 12 h and moist sand conditioning followed by soaking for 1 h have shown better results in improving vigour of the seedlings (root and shoot length). Long duration showed adverse effect on germinability. The studies on membrane functions as determined by electrical conductance and leaching of sugar revealed that reduced leakage of electrolytes and sugar were noted in the short duration priming treatments (0.5 h to 4 h soaking) and pre-conditioning treatments viz. moist sand conditioning as well as moist sand conditioning followed by soaking treatments (0.5h to 4 h) than the untreated control. Long duration soaking showed adverse effect on germination percentage and a marginal improvement on enzyme activity. On the basis of the results of the present investigation, short duration hydropriming treatment alongwith pre-conditioning treatments viz. moist sand conditioning and moist sand conditioning followed by soaking and then lightly air-drying may be employed in improving early germination and seedling growth of mungbean seeds.

  34. Ahmadou Samba Toure, Djibril Sow, Mamadou Lamine lo, Tourad Mohameden Babiya Mor Diop and Salif Gaye

    Having noted the lack of adequate documentation on road earthworks, linked to the lack of national standards in Senegal that define the conditions of realization, the object of this document is to propose a method for the proper execution of earthworks and the layers form. To this end, a study was conducted on the soils of one of the 14 regions of Senegal, namely the region of Thiès, one of the second cities of the country which is 87 km from the Senegalese capital Dakar. Two roads of 2.5 km long were selected to make manuals sampling of these platform soils in Thiès, the first axis in the municipality of Montrolland located 12 km north of the study area and the second in the rural municipality of Khombole which is 8 km east of the study area.

  35. OUANTCHI Honoré

    The general observation on a local labour market is the meeting between labour supply and demand. Far from being so rational, the economic law of supply and demand applied to the labour market is largely influenced by social relations developed and maintained by job seekers, particularly at the Yopougon town hall. However, the effectiveness of the weak link as stated by Granovetter (2000 in finding employment seems to be limited, unsuited to the socio-economic context of our localities. This article takes a critical look, while demonstrating the limitations, on the theory of the "strength of weak links" developed by Granovetter to obtain a job in the context that is ours. To do this, we did a search with the town hall of Yopougon. It consisted of a documentary review, supported by a collection of empirical data using a questionnaire and an interview guide from the staff and local elected officials of the municipality of Yopougon. It is mainly apparent that more than 80% of the recruits at the town hall come from the social relations developed between employer (town hall and job seekers. As a result, they have strong ties (relatives, friends and belonging to the same community. These links directly have a higher effectiveness compared to the weak links (professional link, simple acquaintance) for obtaining the job.

  36. Dekhane, S. S., Jadhav, P. B., and Patel D. J.

    The present investigation entitled Effect of application of Metabolis Gold on growth and yield of rice cv. GR11 was carried out during the kharif season 2021 on the field of ASPEE, Agricultural Research and Development Foundation, Tansa Farm, At- Nare, Taluka- Wada, Dist- Palghar, Maharashtra, India. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD). The five treatments (Control, Metabolis Gold @ 0.5 gm, 1.0 gm 2.0 gm, and 3.0 gm / litre water) were replicated four times. The plant height (cm), number of tillers / plant, number of panicles/ plant, number of panicles/ square meter and length of panicle (cm) were found maximum with the application of Metabolis Gold @ 3.0 gm /liter water. The highest number of seeds/ panicle, test weight (gm), grain yield (q/ha) and straw yield (q/ha)were found with the application of Metabolis Gold @ 3.0 gm / litrewater. While, the lowest number of seeds / panicle, test weight, grain yield, and straw yield was found in the control treatment. The data clearly indicated that the yield obtained with treatment T5 (Metabolis Gold @ 3.0 gm / litrewater) was significantly higher than all other treatments, and also for growth parameters.

  37. Rahimi MBALLO, Mamadou SIDYBE, César BASSENE, Abdoul Aziz CAMARA, Mame Samba MBAYE and Kandioura NOBA

    In Senegal, the Angiosperms represent the best known and most diverse group. The main objective of this work is to contribute to a better knowledge of the biodiversity of Senegal. More specifically, this work seeks to analyse the diversity of Angiosperms in Senegal. The application of several sources of information (herbaria, floras and botanical gardens) has made it possible to show that the flora of Senegal is composed of 2512 species and 1006 genera distributed in 167 families. Dicotyledons are largely dominant with 1788 species distributed in 776 genera and 130 families. On the other hand, only 724 species of Monocotyledons distributed in 230 genera and 37 families have been recorded. The most representative families of Dicotyledons are the Fabaceae, Asteraceae, Apocynaceae, Rubiaceae, Malvaceae and Euphorbiaceae . These 6 families include 317 genera, i.e. 40.84% and 839 species, i.e. 46.93% of the Dicotyledonous flora of Senegal. For the Monocotyledons, they are mostly represented by the family Poaceae, Cyperaceae, Arecaceae, Araceae, Orchidaceae, Liliaceae, Commelinaceae. These 5 families account for 65.65% of the genera and 75.41% of the species of the Monocotyledonous flora of Senegal.

  38. Marriena Mazumder

    The COVID-19 pandemic hit – first in China in December 2019, then spreading rapidly to other countries in the early months of 2020 –the health care systems and economies of nations across the world were quickly overcome. The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems in human history, affecting nearly 1.6 billion learners in more than 200 countries. Closures of schools, institutions and other learning spaces have impacted more than 94% of the world’s student population. Social distancing and restrictive movement policies have significantly disturbed traditional educational practices. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to pave the way for introducing digital learning. These concern areas were varied for artists in different fields. For example, architects and dancers were more likely to be affected by loss of studio space, while filmmakers were more likely to suffer from lack of access to international markets and festivals. Dancers were also more likely than other artists to report being significantly or critically affected financially (87.5%, compared to 47% for visual artists). All activities have changed from daily routines to art exhibitions. Art exhibitions are a series of activities, the endpoint of the art process. Art-making is an activity that can still be carried out when social restrictions are imposed since it is an individual activity at the studio, usually at home studio. At every career level (emerging, mid-career, established), about 30% of artists said they are concerned about the ongoing personal financial implications of COVID-19.

  39. Nidhi Chauhan and Shubham Sharma

    Background and aim: Hyperglycemia in ICU is associated with increased risk of mortality. This study determined hyperglycemia in critically ill patients. Methods: It was a hospital-based observational study conducted in the department of medicine of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College and Hospital, Kangra (at Tanda) a tertiary care referral hospital. All patients above the age of 18 years with hyperglycemia during hospital stay in Medical ICU setting and willing to participate in this study were included. In hospital hyperglycemia was defined as any glucose value >7.8 mmol/l (140 mg/dl).Patients were labeled on the basis of their glycemic status on admissionto Medicine ICU as admission hyperglycemia or having any RBS value>140mg/dl during ICU stay. Results: Mean age of the patients was 60.33 ± 15.2 years. Sixty-two percent of the patients aged above 60 years. 50.5% were males. 37.14% were smokers, 36.19% were alcoholics, and 9.5% were vegetarian. 53 patients (50.4%) were known diabetics and 52 patients(49.53%) had no prior history of diabetes and had presented with new hyperglycemia. 75 patients had ECG changes, majority of which were ST elevation (22%) followed by sinus bradycardia/ tachycardia (22%) and ST depression (17%). 11 patients(10%) had LVH while 7 patients (7%) had BBB/CHB. 3 patients (3%) had evidence of arrhythmia. Conclusion: Hypoglycemia is more common in elderly and had a higher risk of ACS.

  40. Hoque, M.M., Naznin, L., Ditisha, S. and Kausar, S.M.H.

    Background: COVID-19 is the pandemic disease declared by World Health Organization (WHO) on 11th March 2020. Growing body of evidence suggests that a vitamin D deficiency could be linked with developing a more severe case of COVID-19. The possible correlation between Vitamin D insufficiency and worse outcome has been postulated to be associated with metabolic, procoagulant and inflammatory events and is not independently related to COVID-19. Objectives: To evaluate the vitamin D status in patients with COVID-19 and prediction of outcome. Method: This prospective study was conducted at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) and Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka Cantonment from April 2020 to August 2020. One hundred COVID-19 positive cases admitted in CMH, Dhaka were enrolled. Detail socio-demographic data were collected from the informant and recorded in structured questionnaire. Clinical examination and relevant investigations were done. All collected data were analysed under SPSS-21 version. Result: Out of 100 cases in this study, maximum patients (43.0%) were in age group 41- 50 years, mean age of the patient was 42.35 ± 11.7 years. Male to female ratio was 3.54:1, 78% were male and 22% were female. Vitamin D deficiency was found in 15.0% cases and vitamin D insufficiency was found in 28.0% cases. On evaluation of outcome, 65.0%patients were recovered completely, complications were developed among 27.0% patients (17.0% cases required noninvasive ventilation and 10% cases required invasive ventilation) and 8.0% were died. Among the expired 8 patients, 7(87.5%) had deficient and 1(12.5%) had insufficient vitamin D. Among the recovered patients, maximum 54(83.0%)had normal vitamin D level. In this study high prevalence of hypovitaminosis D was found among patients not recovered and expired. Conclusion: Present study concluded that vitamin D can predict the outcome of COVID 19 patients.





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